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Sales Department

Staffed by experienced associates. Continuously trained and informed with regards to the constantly shifting market conditions. The continuous feedback from all these proceedings of sales, ensures high efficiency.

Customer Service

Questions and inquiries. Anticipating your needs and the delivery of your products in time and with top class reliability, is the uncompromising commitment of Kretacan.

Having developed with our long time customers a relationship of trust and reliability, the company offers services that focus on direct communication about the customer’s specific needs, which we believe is the key to success. The process of selling does not stop with the delivery of your order. The executives of the sales department seek to determine how and to what degree the customer’s needs have been satisfied. If the results are positive, the objective is to maintain and improve the quality by using efficient and affordable methods. Otherwise, the sales department in collaboration with the rest of the personel will try to identify potential errors and improve, each in its domain, the services they provide, with the intent to improve the customer’s satisfaction levels, to the standards set by the company .

For these reasons, do not hesitate to contact us.


Industrial area of Heraklion Theta road , 71601 Heraklion Crete , Greece


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